How to lose that gut the healthy way?

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Admit it, you have been thinking of joining a gym since the last four summers. But the timing is never right. And the clothes don’t look good on you anymore!! Instead of buying new clothes, put that plate of cake down and pay attention to this list of ways to get rid of that gut. 

A little bit of effort and some discipline and you can once again look hot in that expensive clothes you bought last summer.

Apart from looking good, a healthy body also feels good. Instead of an instant of indulgence, how about a summer of fun? And just for the sake of motivation, treat the below list as a lifestyle change instead of another fad diet you tried.

 These are not magic pills. But if you follow them with dedication, they will yield permanent results that you can be proud of.

Apart from the look and feel good, getting rid of that extra belly fat will also improve your health, reduce chances of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases and makes living a bit more fun.

So enough excuses, get ready to start.

  1. Stop that Sugar

Sugar has the same effect on brain as Cocaine. It is addictive and causes havoc in your body. Sugar actually kills off your taste buds, thereby limiting the flavours your tongue can enjoy. Stop consuming sugar in all forms, be it a sweetened tea, a cola, or a cake. No weaning off period, just stop it cold. Do this for 21 days and your taste buds will regrow and you will be able to sense tastes you had forgotten. Reduction of sugar will reduce your blood insulin level and that in turn, will reduce the conversion of carbs into fats inside your body.

  1. Eat lots of protein

Eat as much protein as you can. It could be in form of grains like millets, or whey or meat. Consume at least 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up and your body will automatically dip into body fats and burn them.

  1. Do some form of exercise

Swimming, walking, Zumba or Yoga, pick any one of them and do it every day for about 20 minutes. Even if you cannot be graceful, do it. Move your body and it will slowly learn how to bend and twist and turn. Combine it with the other two ideas in the listand you will be on your way to reducing that gut.

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