Beta Male Traits You Must Avoid to Become an Alpha Male

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As the ‘Pick-Up’ community goes mainstream, some of their philosophies and beliefs start to seep into the daily culture. If you have a difficulty talking with women and get friend zoned too often, you may be exhibiting beta male characteristics. 

 Ever wondered why you cannot get a good-looking girl to go out with you despite being so nice to her? It is because you are a beta male and she finds it unattractive. 

So how do you get out of this beta behaviour?

 Behaviours are habits that you have learned over time. So you can change them with time and effort. Here are some of the most common beta male traits you should stop immediately.

  1. Being Shy

This is a typical beta male behaviour. Some people think shy people are modest. That is not true, they are just too selfish. They don’t want to share their awesome self with others. So stop being shy, and make an effort to meet new people where ever you go, no matter how boring they sound. Make an effort and participate in conversations. Once you get past your fears, you will see fear for what they are, just another mental block to overcome.

  1. Stop following the herd

 At least once in a while, do your own thing and invite other people to join. Don’t follow your group along like sheep, be a wolf at times. Followers are good to have and it is a lot more fun to be the leader. Stop being a follower and become a leader. Start with small things and work your way up to leading bigger groups. Take part in an event and then lead them. If you have a specialist skill, use it to lead.

  1. Focus on strengths instead of your insecurities

Beta males spend a lot of time thinking about what they cannot do instead of doing things they are good at. They tend to focus more on the negative aspects of their life, personality and jobs. Nobody likes a whiner. Stop the complaining and start looking at the things you can do well. When something is wrong, instead of complaining, try to correct it. A Beta complains hoping to gain sympathy while an Alpha corrects things so he can focus on his other goals.

 Start with these simple steps and you will a change in how others look at you.

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