Alpha, Beta & Omega: What type of Male are you?

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With the advent of the Pickup industry and ‘The Game,’ the idea of an Alpha male has generated a lot of interest in young men. Do men exist in the form of alpha, beta or other groups? Is such a classification based on any scientific evidence or just a popular theory?

 We will try to find the truth.

Observation of behaviour led to the identification of certain unique patterns among male and female of the animal species. Since gorillas are the closest to humans, they were studied extensively to understand how the males interact with each other in a group.

 Based on their behaviour, some gorillas were classified as Alpha males. They tended to be the dominant ones and assumed the leadership of the group. Their body language was often hostile towards other gorillas who were not a part of his family. In a way, the Silverback or the Alpha was the king.

 Apart from the females, even males in his group accepted his leadership, and either stayed with the group or moved to another. A similar behaviour was noticed in many animal species. The strong one was the leader, and the rest of the males were classified as betas or followers.

 When explaining the enigma of some men who can attract women effortlessly, the ‘Pickup’ community started to use the term ‘Alpha male’. It was meant to communicate a higher stature of one man over the rest of the men. They were the leaders and risk takers.

 Another category of men was recognised as Beta. These men were shy, unsure of themselves and constantly displayed self-doubt. They try very hard to get the attention and when that does not work, they display passive aggressiveness. They are typically ‘nice men’ who are actually selfish and their behaviour comes out as needy and unattractive.

Omega men have little to no social skills and typically are left on their own even by their best friends. They do not know what to talk or when to talk and often seem confused when they get admonished for their thoughtlessness. Though they have many friends, they like to do things by themselves. They are not egoistic and can complete a task by themselves. In contrast to Alphas, they do not care for recognition or social approval. They place a lot of important in knowing that they can accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves.

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