It affects the way we feel about our Partners

With the amount of available and the easy access to porn in recent years, it is no surprise that people and professionals are starting to study the effects of watching porn on our everyday lives. Around 420 million different web pages are dedicated to some form of free porn meaning that the amount of content available could easily be in the billions if not more.

With all of this content available to the average person do we find ourselves watching porn at times that could have negative effects on our lives? A key part of relationships to our other half’s is date night. This is the one time where our focus is purely on one another and is meant to bring us closer together. Porn could be affecting we approach this sacred time and we will take a look at why you should not be watching porn before you go on a date.

It affects the way we feel about our Partners

If a person is classed as being a porn addict their sexual arousal declines with their companion. This is often known as the Coolidge effect and basically means that we as humans can become so absorbed in the fantasy of porn. This makes us less inclined to want the real thing with a real person. If you have put your mind into that state before going on a date then the flirtation and fun of having that sexual arousal to one another are lost.     


Porn Addiction

If I was to say Porn is no different to cocaine or heroin then you would probably disagree.  However, addiction no matter what the addiction is too works exactly the same way in the human brain. Chemicals  are released into the brain when we satisfy ourselves with whatever the addiction is and this is what makes us o back for more. An addict is always thinking about where and when they can get their next fix from and if you get are supporting your addiction before going on a date then that’s probably all you are going to be thinking about during it. 

This all relates back to giving one another the quality of your time and attention. You cannot do that if your mind is elsewhere dreaming of erotica with somebody else.


How Far is Too Far?

When someone begins to watch porn for the first time, they normally have a clear moral compass of what is appropriate and what isn’t. This is also similar with what they find desirable and what disgusts them,  however, users addicted to porn quickly find themselves getting aroused by things that used to disgust them or by acts that are not appropriate in the real world. If users find themselves watching porn containing extreme and dangerous sex acts especially before going on a date the line between fantasy and reality becomes very blurry.   


Sometimes a date can progress to sexual activity afterwards if an addict has been watching hardcore pornography before a date they could easily be confused by what is appropriate and consensual and what isn’t. This often leads to the addict trying to go a step further than what the non-addict is comfortable with and causing fall out between the two partners.

Watching porn can be safe and healthy when watched recreationally and at the right time but as more of us become addicted this is becoming harder for us to do. If we can break the cycle by not watching porn before quality time with our partners this could be the first step to helping us grow stronger and more meaningful relationships with one another.

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